Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization

Urbanized Area:

Evansville, IN-KY


Counties Served:

Gibson Co.

Posey Co.

Vanderburgh Co.

Warrick Co.

Henderson Co. (KY)

Contact Information:

1 NW. Martin Luther King Blvd.

Civic Center Complex, Rm. 316

Evansville, IN 47708

Phone: 812.436.7833

Fax: 812.436.7834

Email: sshokouhzadeh@evansvillempo.com



Executive Director: Seyed Shokouhzadeh

About EMPO

The Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization (EMPO) was designated as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Evansville Urbanized Area in 1969.  The Evansville MPO Planning Area (MPA) contains approximately 650 square miles in Indiana, including the City of Evansville, Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties, and a small area of the Evansville Urbanized Area extending into Posey County. In Kentucky, the Planning Area encompasses approximately 440 square miles which includes the City of Henderson and Henderson County. Evansville MPO also provides transportation planning assistance in the rural counties of Gibson and Posey.


EMPO regional transportation planning activities include the development of a long-range transportation plan and short-term transportation improvement program, traffic and air quality modeling, corridor and sub-area analysis, traffic counting and surveillance, railroad crossing inventories, growth impact studies, GIS analysis, public outreach, transit and bicycle and pedestrian planning.  Staff also provides technical assistance to elected officials with reports on rezonings, impacts of access, reviews of development site plans, and subdivision impacts.  EMPO assists local public agencies with project development and delivery, in addition to collaborating with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) by providing comments on design alternatives and additional support to facilitate bringing projects to timely construction.


A Policy and Technical Committees guide and assist the MPO in its regional planning activities.  The Policy Committee is the chief advisory body and is responsible for policy formulation, project guidance, and administrative coordination.  This includes delegation of and review of work activities for the EMPO Staff.  Official actions taken by EMPO require approval by the Policy Committee.  Committee membership includes elected or appointed officials from each local government within the Planning Area, as well as representatives from the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, Indiana Department of Transportation, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.


The Technical Committee is composed of planners, engineers, state and federal agency representatives and operators of airport, port, rail and other transportation related departments or businesses.  This committee is the chief working committee providing expertise, assistance, and support data for all phases of transportation planning.  Each technical task undertaken by EMPO staff involves the participation of the Technical Committee.  The Technical Committee coordinates and reviews the work of EMPO staff and prepares reports and recommendations for the Policy Committee.


It is the policy of EMPO to provide the public with access to the urban transportation planning process.  By doing so EMPO is able to collect ideas, concerns and suggestions on various transportation-planning issues and offer recommendations to improve the transportation system.



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