Infrastructure Funding vs Need for MPO Regions

A Report from the Indiana MPO Council

Pavement-Bridges-Major Project Needs

Indiana MPOs represent 39 counties (cities and towns inclusive)

In the summer of 2011, the Indiana MPO Council was asked to address the Indiana State Legislature’s Joint Study Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Assessment and Solutions.  The Council and others agencies were asked to make presentations to the Committee on “where we are at and where we should be” regarding the state of Indiana's local transportation and infrastructure.  At that time the Indiana MPO Council presented information that indicated how pavement and bridge infrastructure funding stacked up against, accepted industry standards for maintenance, rehabilitation and infrastructure reconstruction.


The Indiana MPO Council developed a report detailing the MPO's infrastructure needs verse the funding available, including overviews on current tools available to local governments, and tools that might be considered for additional infrastructure funding.  The report is a composite of each of the MPO regions data and is inclusive of the regions’ cities, towns and counties.  The report is available for download below:


Infrastructure Funding vs Need for MPO Regions Report (searchable bookmarks)

Full Report (25.2 MB)

Narrative and Summary Sheets (14.1 MB)

Bridge Needs and Major Project Lists (10.7 MB)


MPO Detail with Narrative

BMCMPO - Bloomington/Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization

CAMPO - Columbus Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

DMMPC - Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission

EMPO - Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization

KIPDA - Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency

MACOG - Michiana Area Council of Governments

OKI - Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments

TCAPC - Area Plan Commission of Tippecanoe County

WCIEDD - West Central Indiana Economic Development District



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