Kentuckiana Regional Planning & Development Agency

Urbanized Area:

Louisville/Jefferson County KY-IN


Counties Served:

Clark Co. (IN)

Floyd Co. (IN)

Bullitt Co. (KY)

Jefferson Co. (KY)

Oldham Co. (KY)

Contact Information:

11520 Commonwealth Dr.

Louisville, KY 40299

Phone: 502.266.6084

Fax: 502.266.5047


Executive Director: Jarrett Haley

Director of Transportation: Amanda Ratliff Spencer


The KIPDA Transportation Division serves two purposes; one as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), as designated by the Governors of Kentucky and Indiana, and the other as the transportation planning component of the Area Development District (ADD) in Kentucky. The MPO area consists of the US Census-defined Louisville/Jefferson County KY-IN urbanized area, the Environmental Protection Agency-defined non-attainment area or the air pollutant ozone, and the area projected to be urbanized by the year 2020. For administrative purposes, the metropolitan transportation planning area thus includes Bullitt, Jefferson and Oldham counties in Kentucky and Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana. This area is further defined as a Transportation Management Area by the Federal Highway Administration, and the MPO is responsible for implementing the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act for the metropolitan area.


The KIPDA Transportation Division provides planning and technical assistance to help meet the transportation needs of all counties within the MPO area and the KIPDA region giving emphasis to bicycle, highway, paratransit, pedestrian and public transit modes of transportation. As KIPDA is not limited to planning within particular county boundaries, it provides the opportunity to plan regionally, where the actions of each county take into consideration the other counties in the region. The agency works to assure that transportation plans are coordinated with comprehensive land use planning and air quality planning carried out by other public agencies.



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