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MPO Responsibilities

The diversity of Indiana's urbanized areas requires Indiana's MPOs to serve a wide variety of functions.  As a group, most fill a core of common functions focusing on land use and transportation planning and programming.


These functions include:


Long Range Land Use Forecasting

  • Population, employment, and other socio-economic forecasts
  • Preparation of Long Range Plans for land use and public facilities


Long Range Transportation Planning

  • Highway planning
  • Mass transit planning
  • Bicycle and pedestrian planning


Technical (Operational) Services

  • Analysis of short term transportation problems (intersections, parking, access, etc.)
  • Planning services for transportation projects
  • Maintenance of transportation and land use databases
  • Roadway capacity analysis, environmental impact analysis, signal justifications, traffic studies, accident data collection, street inventories, railroad inventories
  • Mapping and GIS services
  • U. S. Census data affiliates
  • Air quality planning


Programming of Transportation Improvements

  • Assistance to local jurisdictions in development, design, funding of projects
  • Coordination of project implementation
  • Project prioritization
  • Present and future needs analysis



  • Provide a forum for policy and technical discussions in a region
  • Assist communication between various levels of government
  • Provide an educational process for elected officials and the public



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