West Central Indiana Economic Development District, Inc.

Executive Director: Ryan Keller

Director of Transportation Planning: Jeremy Weir

Contact Information:

2800 Poplar St., STE 9A

Terre Haute, IN 47803

Phone: 812.238.1561

Fax: 812.238.1564

Email: rkeller@westcentralin.com; jweir@westcentralin.com


Urbanized Area:

Terre Haute, IN


Counties Served:

Clay Co.

Parke Co.

Putnam Co.

Sullivan Co.

Vermillion Co.

Vigo Co.


The West Central Indiana Economic Development District, Inc. (WCIEDD) is a Not-For Profit agency, organized under Public Law 89-136, Title IV, of the Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965, and by Executive Order of the Governor of the State of Indiana.


Since its establishment in 1965, WCIEDD has worked to stimulate economic and community development in West Central Indiana through multi-county partnerships, regional initiatives and local programs.  Currently, the agency is composed of the following departments: Area 7 Agency on Aging and Disabled, Economic & Community Development, and Transportation Planning.  Services provided by these departments are generally available to local officials, development groups and residents of Clay, Parke, Putnam, Sullivan, Vermillion, and Vigo Counties.


Since 1974, the agency has also served as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Terre Haute and Vigo County.  In this role, the agency is charged with the responsibility of managing and carrying out the multimodal metropolitan transportation planning process prescribed by Title 23 U.S.C., Part 450.


The District is governed by a Board of Directors composed of six representatives from each of the district's six counties, plus a representative appointed by the Governor. Two-thirds of the board represent elected officials in each county, with the remaining one-third representing economic development groups.  However, the agency's Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) serves as the top level policy and decision making body on all metropolitan transportation planning matters carried out by WCIEDD in its role as MPO.  This committee is made up of elected or appointed local government officials who represent the jurisdictions served by the MPO (City of Terre Haute; City of Brazil; the Towns of Seelyville, West Terre Haute, Harmony and Knightsville; Vigo County and Clay County), representatives of various transportation modes, and representatives of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).  The MPO staff and representatives of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) serve as non-voting advisors to the committee.  The Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) also advises the TPC on technical matters and provides an important link between project planning and project implementation.  The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and the public are afforded opportunities to provide input and feedback about programs and projects as part of the TPC decision-making process.



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