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2015 Indiana MPO Conference

Creating Healthy


Redefining Transportation for the 21st Century

Horizon Convention Center

Muncie, Indiana

October 13-15, 2015


Transportation & Health - The Big Picture

Ed Christopher, FHWA Resource Center Planning Team

Transportation Innovations - Tools to Plan for Health

Erika Young, Transportation for America

Plan4Health - Improving Access to Healthy Food

Travis Miller, OKI

Transportation Planning, Programs & Projects - New Federal Requirements

Karen Hicks, INDOT & Mark Newland, FHWA

Look Before You Leap - A Lesson in Cost Estimation

David Benefiel, MCCOG

Transportation & Flexibility - Practical Solutions

Jeff Jasper, University of Kentucky

Transportation & Technology - ArcGIS Online Mapping

Kyle Johnson, Delaware County & Paul McBride, MCCOG

Road Safety Audit - Training

Laura Slusher, IN LTAP & Jerry Foust, NIRCC

3C Planning & Kitselman Gateway

Angie Pool, Cardinal Greenway Inc.,Colby Gray & David Heilman, Flatland Resources, & Dick Weigel, HWC

Transportation & Technology - Using Probe Travel Time Data

Scott Weber, NIRPC

A Multi-day Smartphone Based Transportation Study

Robert Wertman, MCCOG

US 231 Relocation Project Capstone

Sallie Fahey, APC & Wendy L. Vachet, MBI

Transportation Planning for St. Louis' Central Corridor - Transmodeler Apps

Chris Beard, The Lochmueller Group

Gary Bicycle & Pedestrian Assessment

Joyce Newland, FHWA

Identifying Cycling Trends - Using STRAVA Metro

Ryan Phelps, MCCOG & Rudolph Smith, STRAVA

Complete Streets - Moving from Policy to Practice |

INDOT Internal Policy Update

Kim Irwin & Jessica Latus, Health by Design, Pete Fritz, IN Dept. of Health, & Roy Nunnally, INDOT

Video Based Traffic Counting

Joe Bussing, INDOT

Cloud Based - Data Management

Greg Katter, INDOT

Health Impact Assessment - Process & Case Studies for Transportation

Cynthia Stone, DrPH, RN

Creation of a Healthy Community Alliance

John Disher, IU Health

Alliance in Action - Active Living

Marta Moody, DMMPC

Transportation that Creates Community

Catherine Puckett, HWC & Colby Gray, Flatland Resources

Active Transportation Indiana - A Community Guide to Bike/Ped Design

Nancy Tibbet & Jessica Hall, Bicycle IN

Transportation & Economics - Tools for Assessing Wider Economic Benefits

Part I | Emmanuel Nsonwu & Frank Baukert, INDOT

Transportation & Economic Development

Pam Fisher & Kathy Eaton-McKalip, INDOT